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Thurs 10th June - Another trace, hope it's a good one.

Fri 11th June - Woohoo, my trace was excellent. Down to 0.9 litres i go!!

Fri 18th June - Weigh day. I'm now 14lb 9oz and getting chubbier by the day. I've grown 3 cms in about 3 weeks as well!

Tues 22nd June - My hospital appointment. They say i am making good progress. Have reduced my steroids by half and are going to stop them altogether in 2 wks if i'm ok. Are letting me grow out of my diuretics. Have to go back in 4 weeks and they are going to give me my immunisations Another trace tonight. Fingers crossed.

Weds 23rd June - I averaged 98.6% in the night in 0.8 so i can stay in that, yay!! Trying 0.7 next time

Friday 25th June - Claire the speech therapist came to see me today about my feeding. I still don't like my bottle and i'm not keen on solids either. She says mummy should persevere with what she is doing and she is coming to see me again in a month. Mummy has to give me lots of Oral stimulation so i get used to things being in my mouth

Tuesday 29th June - Jenni the Physiotherapist came to see me today. She was pleased with how i am getting on and said i looked really well. She is coming to see me again in September. She gave Mummy some tips on things to do that will improve my development.

Friday 2nd July - I am not very well today, the nurse came to see me and thinks i may have Rotavirus. Hope i feel better soon. It was the last time Diane was coming today as the HV will take over now. I weighed 15lb 8oz today so i have put a pound on in just over 2 weeks. How big am i now!!!!!

Tues 6th July - Trace night tonight! I don't think i have Rotavirus as i'm feeling much better now. I am coughing alot though.

Weds 7th July - Well to say i have been poorly and i have a cough i have done really well. I averaged 98.64% in the new rate of 0.7 last night so i can stay in that and we'll try 0.6 next time if i'm a good boy. Yay!!!!!

Mon 12th July - I have stopped my steroids completely now, i was only on a tiny amount anyway!

Tues 13th July - I had to see the doctor today because i have a nasty rash. She said it looks like a sweat rash and nothing serious. She has given me some stuff to put in my bath and some cream to put on. Hope it does the trick.

Thurs 15th July - My rash is alot worse today so i had to have the doctor come out. She says it might be connected with the virus i had the other day and also through sweating. I have to stop using the cream and see if it goes away on it's own.

Tues 20th July - My rash is alot better now but my skin is very dry now. Went to see Dr Primhak at clinic today. He said i was making good progress. I am 16lb 5oz and am 62.9cm long. I have grown loads! I had an xray done to see what my lungs look like now and they are much better and the cyst i have is much smaller! Yippee! I am having a trace done tonight to see if i can go down to 0.6. Am going to have my immunisations done soon at the doctors

Weds 21st July - I can go down to 0.6!! I averaged 97% in my trace last night. What a good boy i am.

Tues 27th July - One of the things i have never been able to do was hold my head up properly when on my tummy, but guess what, i think i'm mastering it. For the last couple of days i've been getting pretty good at it. Check out a pic of me on the photos page! 

Tues 3rd Aug - I am 17lb 4oz today and 65cm long. I am on the 40th centile for my weight, 10th for my length and 47th for my head.

Mon 9th Aug - I'm going to the hospital today to have my 2nd lot of immunisations. Mummy & Daddy are very worried cause i was very ill last time i had them and they hope i am strong enough for them now. I'll let you know how i get on. I'm having a trace tomorrow night as well!

Tues 10th Aug - I'm a bit grumpy today but hey, what's new!!

Weds 11th Aug - I had my trace last night and mummy tried me in 0.5. Well i averaged 98.97% so i can stay in that! Can try 0.4 next time.

Mon 16th Aug -  Well it looks as if i have escaped my immunisations with nothing more than a bit of a lump on my leg. Fancy Mummy & Daddy worrying like that! I'm still very mucousy in a morning and coughing alot so i think Mummy is going to speak to someone about it.

Weds 25th Aug - My, i haven't posted in a while have i. Well let's see what's been happening? When i had a trace last night which was great so i'm now in 0.4!! This morning i though i'd give mum a treat so whilst i was playing on my tummy i rolled over onto my front. I got such a fright when mum started jumping up and down and clapping, wonder what all the fuss was about? Mum and Dad were only saying last week how i didn't seem to talk very much so i decided to change all that!! They haven't been able to shut me up for the last 3 days! Hehehe.

Fri 3rd Sept - Weigh in today, 18lb 2oz

Mon 6th Sept - I've learnt something new. I like to tap things! Tap, tap, tap with my hands to make a noise. I like to do it in my cot at night on the bars!

Fri 10th Sept - Well i had another trace last night which was really could and so i've now gone down to 0.3. I can't believe how quickly it is going down. Will try 0.2 next time.

Mon 13th Sept - We're going on holiday today! I'm so excited. We're going to Center Parcs at Sherwood Forest.

Fri 17th Sept - Back off my holidays! I had a super time. I went with Mum, Dad, Simon & Laura. We did lots of things. I went on the beach, in a boat on the lake, on the swings, watched everyone play sports. Went to lots of different restaurants and got to go on loads of walks in the woods. It was cool because our villa was next to the river and we had swans and geese and ducks outside the window! I've never seen anything like that before. You can check out some photos of me on Coreys 1st holiday page! Dad was very happy on holiday because i said Daddy for the 1st time, he was very pleased. I've started rocking as well now, back and forth, i like it!

Tues 21st Sept - I was supposed to be having my last immunisations today but the hospital had to cancel. I had PT today. She was very pleased with my process and said i was only a bit behind. She thinks i'll be sitting very soon.

Thurs 23rd Sept - Trace night. Don't think i did very good though. Mum kept checking on me and i was satting at 93/94 

Fri 24th Sept - Trace didn't record anything so there was no data for the doctor to look at. Am staying in 0.3 for now.

Sat 25th Sept - I am poorly. Looks like i have my first cold! I was sick everywhere last night and i am very snotty.  Doctor says to keep an eye on me.

Sun 26th Sept - Mummy and Daddy took me to the hospital today because they were worried my cold may have gone to my chest. The doctor had a listen and said it was clear so they were releived. They gave me some antibiotics just in case i need them but Mum & Dad won't use them unless they REALLY have too.

Mon 27th Sept - Weigh day, i am now 19lbs. Woohoo! Aren't i a big boy. I'm still very snotty today

Sat Oct 2nd - I'm desperately trying to crawl when i'm on my front. I keep trying to bring my knees up underneath but i just can't seem to get the hang of it! My upper body still isn't very strong though so i guess i'll have to work on it a bit more.

Tues 5th Oct - Went to see Dr Primhak in clinic today. He was really, really pleased with me. I haven't gained any weight but i have grown 3cm since August. He isn't too bothered about my weight because i am a good size. They have reduced my diuretics to once a day and if i have a good trace in 2 wks i can come off them altogether. The Dr gave me my final immunisations while i was there. They were awful and i cryed alot! We have to go back to clinic in about a month to have my Synagis shot.  Trace night tonight.

Weds 6th Oct - Well Mummy is very disappointed because i have to stay in 0.3 again. Although the trace was ok and i could have gone down to 0.2 they feel that it wasn't brilliant and with it being winter and with colds and everything being about they think it will be best to leave me in 0.3 for now.

Sun 10th Oct - I stayed in bed until 0845 for mum and dad today. Thats the latest ever!

Fri 15th Oct - Mummy was very pleased with me today because i can sit up on my own. Woohoo! I haven't perfected it yet but i'm getting better and better all the time. Milestone!

Tues 19th Oct - Well it's trace night again, let's hope it's 3rd time lucky.

Weds 20th Oct - Well i'm down to 0.2! Even though the trace wasn't the best i've ever had it was good enough, and there wasn't any difference between 0.3 and 0.2. Other good news is that i get to come off my diuretics so i am now on no medication except for my supplement (Dalavit & Sytron).

Tues 26th Oct - First flu jab today. I only cried for a second or two though, i was very brave.

Weds 27th Oct - Well i've been very sick today, about 4 or 5 times actually. Wonder if it's anything to do with that flu jab or if i've picked up a bug?

Thurs 28th Oct - I'm sitting pretty well now and mummy & daddy are so proud of me! My bottom two teeth are just about to break through the gum now, that's why i've been slavering so much. I'm still being sick all the time.

Weds 3rd Nov - Hospital appt today for my RSV shots. I was there for a very long time. 13:00 - 17:00 nearly. I'm being entered into a new trial for a better version of Syanagis hopefully. They had to weigh me and check i was ok. 19lb 5oz now. They checked my BP and temperature too. then the doctor tried to take some blood but couldn't get any. I really didn't like that and cried myself to sleep. Then they had to wait for the medication from pharmacy. Because i am big they had to give me 2 injections. Then i had to wait around for another 1/2 hr to make sure i didn't have any reactions to it. I'm not looking forward to going back for my next ones!

Sunday 7th Nov - I have been very grumpy this weekend. Don't know if it's due to the shots or because of my teeth but haven't been happy. Feeding is really bad right now. I'm hardly taking anything orally as i gag all the time.

Weds 10th Nov - My bottom two teeth are a couple of mm's out now but the gum around one is all swollen and has been bleeding a lot. It's very sore. Have been sleeping really well recently, although i always have really, but am now going 13 1/2 hrs!

Thurs 11th Nov - My feeding is really bad at the moment. I just don't like it anymore. I don't like mummy putting the spoon in my mouth and any food just makes me gag. I wonder if it has anything to do with me getting my teeth?

Mon 15th Nov - Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Meeeee, happy Birthday to Me! Yes, can you believe it, i am One today! Woohoo! What a celebration. I got loads of nice presents and in the afternoon my brother and sister came round and we had a little tea party to celebrate. No cake for me though! Mummy and me were on the front page of the newspaper too! hoe cool is that. You can see it on the Corey's 1st Birthday page. Go and have a look, you know you want to! It was even nicer today too because Daddy took the day off work.

Tues 16th Nov - Mummy had a phone call from BBC Look North this morning. They want us to go on the news tonight to tell them how well i'm doing and how it was my birthday. Woohoo, a TV appearance at the age of One, aren't i lucky!  Claire the speech therapist came today and said Mummy should carry on as usual. Sue came and dropped off my trace equipment as it's trace night tonight.

Weds 17th Nov - Although my trace was ok it wasn't good enought to be turned down so i am staying in 0.2 for now 

Friday 19th Nov - I had an appt to see my consultant at Jessops Hospital today at the Neonatal follow up clinic. He thought i was doing well and doesn't want to see me again until i am 2 yrs corrected! Woohoo! then we went to the Neonatal unit to visit everyone. It was nice to see them all again and Mummy & Daddy enjoyed it very much too! They couldn't believe how well i looked and how big i am now!

Mon 22nd Nov - I've just cried and cried today. Mummy has seen a white blister on my top gum so thinks i might be upset because my teeth are hurting. i think she might be right!

Mon 29th Nov - Another RSV apt today, i don't like them at all! I screamed and screamed and screamed this time, they hurt so bad. I am 20lb 4oz now so am putting weight on well. Dr Primhak listened to my chest and it was clear and has given me some reflux meds called Omeprazole so Mummy hopes my feeding will improve!. A nice lady from the university came with us today and mummy went and had a chat with her afterwards because she is doing some research on care of babies after they go home from hospital and we are helping her.

Weds Dec 1st - The Physiotherapist came today and was pleased with my progress. She's going to see us once more at clinic in April and then if everything is ok will discharge us!

Thurs Dec 2nd - Mummy put all the decorations up today. I've never seen anything like it, it's all so pretty! Trace night again tonight

Fri 3rd Dec - Same old story with my trace, i think i'm going to be in 0.2 forever. It wasn't quite good enough for 0.1 yet.

Sunday 5th Dec - Daddy had to look after me for most of the day because Mummy was poorly and had to stay in bed!

Tues 7th Dec -  Today was the first time that Mummy has ever left me in the day with anyone other than Daddy. My sister Laura babysit for me and did a pretty excellent job. I think it was nice for Mummy to get out on her own. I woke up very, very upset tonight, screaming and crying. I think i must have had a nightmare. It wasn't very nice for Mum & Dad!

Thurs 9th Dec - I have started vomitting up little black bits when i am sick. They look like poppy seeds and no one seems to know what they are. The nurse came and had a look and took them to show to doctor but he doesn't know either.

Sat 11th Dec - Me, Mummy & Daddy went into town to do some Christmas Shopping today and to see the Christmas lights, it was lovely.

Tues 14th Dec - Trace night is here again. I wonder if i will get down from 0.2 this time. Fingers crossed!

Weds 15th Dec -  I am starting to do lots of new things right now. I have started to clap, i am getting more vocal although i'm still only doing vowel sounds. Yesterday i was trying really hard to crawl but am getting so frustrated! The nurse rang about my trace, i have to stay in 0.2 still. Mummy was very upset. My eating has improved so much just over the last couple of days too.

Mon 20th Dec -  The HV came to see me today and was fairly pleased. She weighed me and i am now 21lb 1oz.  Mum has solved the mystery of the 'bits' in my vomit. It's only the particles in the tablets that go a funny colour!

Thurs 23rd Dec - Mum & Dad are so pleased with me. I'm babbling at last! Lots of bababas, nananas, and even mamamas and dadadas! they'll be telling me to shut up next  

Sat 25th Dec - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! I got so many preesents for Christmas. A car for me to sit in, a baby walker, a Winnie the Pooh tree thingy, lots of toys for the bath and loads of other stuff, i just don't know what to play with first and mum says we need to buy another house to put it all in!

Weds 29th Dec - Went to Action Lab today for my RSV shots. The Dr tried to take blood from me again but he couldn't. He said out of the 40 children who are having these shots i am the only one he couldn't get blood from. Well i do like to be different! Sue came and dropped of the equipment for my trace tonight. Fingers crossed again!

Thurs 30th Dec - Yay!!!!! At last i can go down to 0.1. the trace was better so i can go down this time. Next time if i'm a good boy i can try without any oxygen at all.

Sat 1st Jan 05 - Happy New Year! Lets hope this yr is better for Mum & Dad. And me of course!

Tues 11th Jan - Trace night tonight!

Weds 12th Jan - Although my trace was ok they want me to stay in 0.1 for now. I averaged 94.6% and that was spending 6 hrs in air. Hopefully next time!

Weds 26th Jan - I had a trace again last night and was tried in air again. My nurse rang at lunch time to tell Mummy she could take my cannulas off! NO MORE OXYGEN. How good am i. I averaged 96% in air and had no dips or anything, a very steady trace. Mummy was so pleased and so am i!

Weds 2nd Feb - Today should have been my birthday, i was due on the 2nd Feb 04 but i guess all that went out of the window didn' it!

Fri 4th Feb - Well i am doing well in air still. The nurse keeps coming to check my sats and i've had another trace and everything seems to be going fine. I've been a bit grumpy recently because my teeth are hurting me. I think i've got about 4 coming through! So i haven't been as good with my solids recently.

Sun 6th Feb - My feeding is improving slowly and i've been taking upto 1/2 a jar of food and 60mls of milk from a sippy cup. I still tend to get the milk everywhere as i can't control it very well with my mouth. We've been to Matlock today and i went on the swings, wasn't particularly bothered about them though. I like to roll about more now than i used too. I only occasionally did it but now i do it alot more, it's my way of moving about. I like to try to get on my tummy from sitting but i usually end up banging my head on the floor.

Tues 8th Feb - Mum & Dad have bought me a hair brush today because i have quite a bit of hair now and it all sticks up when i've just got up and got out of the bath. I've never really needed one until now.

Thurs 10th Feb - I went to get my eyes checked today for the first time. First they got me looking at some pictures and i was fabby and passed everything. She said there was no problem there. Then i had to have some nasty drops put in my eyes. You are supposed to have some drops that numb your eyes first but because i had an operation near my heart they couldn't give them too me so i guess they must have stung and i cryed. I then had to wait half an hour so the drops worked and the doctor could see to the back of my eyes. After looking the doctor said i will probably have to wear glasses in the not too distant future. My eyes have neutralised and they should be lomg sighted so it shows i am probably going to be short sighted. I think i'll look pretty cute with specs!

Fri 18th Feb - Mummy has been coming in to check on me when i go to bed and keeps finding me upside down in my cot. It's because i like to riggle about alot when i'm in there and she thinks it's very funny.

Sun 20th Feb - We went walking to Stannage edge today but it was very cold. I was in my papoose but dad had to put the rain cover over me because it was so windy.

Tues 22nd Feb - Trace night tonight. While mummy was putting the probe on my foot i saw it and sat up to get it. It's the first time i have managed to go from lying to sitting on my own! 

Weds 23rd Feb - I had a trace last night again in air to see how i was doing. I averaged 97.5% so i don't need to have any more traces! Woohoo! Mummy was so pleased on the phone to the nurse.

Thurs 24th Feb - When we woke up this morning there was so much snow about and i haven't really seen that much of it in my life so Mum took me out in my pram. It was really difficult for her to push me because there was so mcuh of it but i liked it. When we got back we went upstairs to play for a little while and then went back downstairs, but as she was carrying me down she slipped and we fell down the last 5 stairs. Mummy did well to keep hold of me but i grazed my face on the zip of her jacket and was crying, mummy banged her elbow but really hurt her foot and had to go to the hospital where they did xrays and things. Luckily she hadn't broken anything but she can't walk properly.

Sun 27th Feb - The nurse came and weighed me ready for clinic tomorrow. I am 21lb 6ozs so have put a pound on since last month. 

Mon 28th Feb - RSV clinic today :( I don't like having those injections. Dr Primhak saw us and is pleased with how i am getting on. It was an appt where they had to take blood from me and Dr Primhak did actually manage to get some this time but not alot, hopefully it will be enough. I was measured today as well, haven't had that done in a long time. I am 75.5cms. I am on the 25th Centile for everything so that is good. Had my last 2 jabs and screamed very loudly but they are big needles, you should see them! Have to go back at the beginning of April for a follow up appointment.

Tues 1st March - Started with the sniffles this afternoon, hope it doesn't develop into anything bad. I have another tooth through. On my bottom left, 2 away from my front two. the one in the same place at the other side is nearly through as well.

Weds 2nd March - Well i have a full blown cold, i am very snotty and very grumpy, i don't feel very well at all. I had Mummy up in the night and didn't go back to sleep until 230am which is not like me Daddy has had a cold so i think i have got it off him and now i have given it to Mummy! Even though i have been grumpy i did laugh at the TV today. It's the first time i have laughed out loud at the TV before, it was Cbeebies and they were singing a song about Diggers, it was very funny. When Mummy came to feed me at 930pm tonight i had a temperature and when she gave me Calpol i was sick and coughing alot so she had to take me to see the doctor at the hospital. He said my chest and everything was clear but one of my ears was red and my throat. Mummy & Daddy have to watch me carefully for the next few days but he thinks i will be ok and that it's just viral.

Thurs 3rd March - I didn't sleep very mcuh at all last night. I slept from 1130pm til about 230am and then was awake until 5am when mum eventually brought me downstairs and gave me some milk. Then i went to sleep from 530am to 730am. I was very grumpy again today and so was Mummy. I don't have a temperature today though thankfully. Grandad and Auntie Helen came up and normally i am happy to see them but have been very grumpy with them too.

Fri 4th March - I more or less slept 13hrs straight last night and have been much happier today. Mummy noticed i had cut another tooth today, the one to the left of my bottom two. Wow i sure am getting lots now!  

Tues 8th March - Well i'm still really snotty and grumpy. Mum noticed another tooth yesterday and the two at the top are nearly through. When they come i will have 9 through altogether, wow!!! Mummy is really impressed with my balance at the moment, i can stand up just holding one hand and have even stood for a second or two on my own. Hopefully i'll be able to get about soon because i am always happier when i'm standing up!

Fri 11th March  - I've been going out a bit more now winter is nearly over, it's been nice to go to different places! Mummy even took me on a bus today, i enjoyed watching the world go by out of the window. Have been waking alot during the night with my teeth and Mummy is very tired. Mummy has tried lots of different things from Calpol, Calgel and some powders that go in my mouth but nothihng seems to help.

Sat 12th March - It took Mummy & Daddy 2 hrs to get me to sleep tonight, i just cried and cried!

Sun 13th March - I cried and cried again at bedtime and made myself sick :(

Tues 15th March - Did well with my sleeping last night but Mummy wasn't very happy when i got up at 530am this morning!

Thurs 17th March - I have bruised face today. I was sat at Mummys desk with her and leaned forward to see something and bashed my face on the edge of the desk, it hurt alot.

Sat 19th March - I don't really crawl although i am great at sitting ans standing. Today when i've been on my tummy i've been pushing myself backwards all around the room with my arms. It's great to learn something new.

Tues 22nd March - Mummy bought me a new pram today, it's very comfy, so we've been out and about trying it out. My tooth at the front next to my front top two has broken through now.

Weds 23rd March - Mummy walked to Meadowhall with me today and bought me a wooden drum, it's very cool and i'm getting very good at banging it

Thurs 24th March - Well today i did something i havent done before, i went to my grandads house. Because Mummy & Daddy have been worried about germs we have always insisted that people come to our house but today we went there instead, it was great!

Tues 29th March - Today i have been for my MMR Jab. I wasn't too bad actually and only cried for a second or two.

Weds 30th March -  Mummy gave me some mashed banana today too and i gagged at first but then ate a few little pieces. Hopefully i am getting better! I'm a pro at standing at the sofa now, i did it with my back towards it today with no hands but my bum was resting on it so i guess it doesnt count as standing on my own yet!

Sat 2nd April - Well i have been sick the last couple of nights during the night. Mummy thinks it's reflux and we go to see my Doctor on Monday so she's going to speak to him about it.

Mon 4th April - We went to clinic today to see my Doctor. The nice researcher lady from the University came with us too cause Mummy was going to talk to her afterwards. The Dr seemed to be pleased with me and after Mummy mentioned the vomitting and feeding he has put me back on my reflux medicine. Then we went to the University so Mummy could have a chat with Pamela, i fell asleep in my pram for about a hr and a half which i haven't done since i first came home, i normally only sleep for 1/2hr max.

Thurs 7th April - The resp nurse came to see me today, probably for the last time. She checked my sats and they were great, anything upto 99% so she doesn't need to check them again unless theres a problem.

Fri 8th April - Believe it or not i haven't been sick since Monday! I wonder if it has anything to do with the reflux tablets i am taking? I'm also taking upto 120mls of milk at a time now which is a huge increase so Mummy might try me without the NG tube soon. We are going on Holiday to the Lake District tomorrow!

Weds 13th April - We should have  come back from holiday yesterday but it was really nice and we stayed another day. We went to Windermere and visited Ambleside, Coniston and Grasmere too. We did lots of walking and i loved it. I did start being sick again while i was away though :(

Sat 16th April - I am getting about all over the place right now. I've started moving from sitting to being on my tummy, pushing backwards, pushing forward, rolling over, walking along the sofa and pulling up(in the right situation) Daddy says Mummy is going to have so much fun with me next week. I have another tooth at the bottom now so that is the front 8 now and 2 big ones at the back.

Tues 19th April - Mummy has had my NG tube out for 2 days now but i'm getting abit fed up with all this drinking and eating so am a bit grumoy. She's going to put it back in tomorrow so we'll see how i go.

Weds 20th April - We went to Jessops hospital today for an appt with the Physiotherapist. She was really pleased with me and doesn't want to see us again until the end of October! We also went to see the staff who looked after me on the Neonatal unit. They couldn't believe how great i looked and i got lots of attention. I was a bit grumpy though because i was tired.

Friday 22nd April - Well today i managed to go from my tummy to sitting! I've been doing it the other way round for ages but now i've managed to do it this way, Mummy was so happy!

Monday 25th April - We went to see the dietician today at the Northern General Hospital. She thought i'd looked great! I weighed in at 20lb9oz so not a great gain but i am growing tall at 78.8cm. Mummy has got to try to get some textured foods into me, easier said than done she said :) and to try to get 1/2 my milk in orally. She is going to keep a food diary to show the lady next time we go in June.

Thurs 28th April - I am getting into everything right now. I can commando crawl everywhere and Mummy has had to move all the ornaments. I've been getting up onto all fours as well, Mummy thought i was going to stand up at one point! I use my arms to pull, get onto my knees and push and can get up onto hands and feet and move a little bit. I'm walking with 2 and 1 hands now as well!

Friday 29th April - I have a cold and Mummy does too, we're both feeling a bit miserable.I'm getting more and more mobile everyday! I like to push forward with my knees now and don't want to sit still for a minute

Tues 3rd May - I had my 1st haircut today. Mummy thinks i look kinda cute and i'm inclined to agree with her :) Mummy did it herself and it looks pretty nice. We are both feeling ill because of our colds but i think it's funny when Mummy coughs and i keep laughing at her.

Thurs 5th May - Well i've done it, i've learnt how to crawl on hands and knees instead of commando! Better late than never i say. Mummy wasn't very happy when i got the lid off the nappy cream and got it all over the carpet or when i picked up her glass of vimto and poured it on the sofa. That'll teach her for leaving things lying about. Wonder where all the ornaments and stuff have gone?

Sat 7th May - We went out for the day in Harrogate today. It's Mummy's birthday tomorrow so we went to get her some presents. She loves Scrapbooking so we went to get some craft things.

Tues 10th May - It was my hospital appt today at the Childrens. I didn't see Dr Primhak this time but a lady Doctor from his team. She was very nice and thought i was doing great. I was weighed and measured and am now 21lb 4oz. So my progress report is that i can walk with a baby walker on my own and walk around the furniture. I manage to get all round the room now. I can also walk holding just one hand but am a bit wobbly at that. I can wave and i try to clap. I love to crawl about everywhere and can easily get from sitting to standing but havent quite worked out how to get down yet so i just fall on my bum. I love to roll things and throw/drop them so they make a noise. I have 11 teeth with more on the way.

Thurs 13th May - I said my first words today. Mummy was asking me to say bye bye and i did, as clear as a bell it was!

Sun 15th May - I've been getting up to mischieve again. Spilling things on the carpet and pulling the fronts of Mummys speakers!

Mon 16th May - The Speech Therapist came today. Mummy has to try adding stuff to my food to make it a bit more textured. She also mentioned something called the Portage Programme and said she would talk to Mummy about it next time she comes.

Tues 17th May - I fell down today and bumped my head. I have a big graze just above my forehead, i am so clumsy. I was into everything yesterday and think i must have been very tired because i stayed in bed til 8am this morning. Mum was pleased.

Thurs 19th May - I'm Mr accident prone at the moment. Today i fell over and bit my lip. Mummy panicked a bit when she saw blood coming out of my mouth but i was ok after a couple of minutes and you can't see anything now. I have been enjoying food a bit more recently and have been eating lots of solids. More things with textures and even some dry rusk! Let's hope it continues.

Mon 23rd May - So i'm up and down like a yoyo at the moment. I just love standing and walking. I crawl across the floor and then can pull myself up onto anthing. You'll normally find me stood either at the TV, sofa or washing machine!

Tues 24th May - Mummy says i've been a very good boy today. I've been very smiley and wanted lots of snuggling from her!

Sun 29th May - Mummy has had a busy week keeping an eye on me! I love to be stood up at the moment, all the time and have been trying to get up the stairs. Mum hasn't got a minute to herself!

Weds 1st June - Mummy has stopped giving my my Omeprazole(reflux meds) to see if it makes any difference to me. Fingers crossed!

Sun 5th June - My eating has been really good this week.I've been eating lumpy food and also the amount i eat has gone up. Let's hope the dietician thinks i'm doing well enough to take my tube out.

Mon 6th June - Today i took double the amount of food i normally do. Also Mum was really happy when i stood unaided in the middle of the room for nearly a minute and then took 2 steps on my own!

Tues 7th June - I'm letting Mummy lie in bed in the morning at the moment. Instead of it being 530am when i get up it's more like 7am so she is a bit happier!

Fri 10th June - Been feeling a bit sorry for myself and whingey at the moment so Mummy isn't too pleased. She thinks it's my teeth hurting me again. Do i need an excuse to be grumpy?!

Weds 15th June - Well, i've just come back after going camping with my Daddy and big brother Simon. We've been to Hope Valley for a few days and i like being in a tent. Daddy took my travel cot so i slept ok but did get him up at 6am every morning. The only thing was i wasn't very good with my food while we were away.

Sun 19th June - Happy Fathers Day Daddy! I got him a mug with a picture of me and him on it, some DVDs, a keyring and Mummy made a canvas that goes on the wall with pictures of Me & Daddy on it.

Mon 20th June - Daddy has gone back to work today and i'm missing him. I've been really grumpy all day!

Sat 25th June - Have been a good boy today and did a few more steps on my own. I just need the confidence to go right now! Am also learning a lot more things. Mummy bought me some Baby Einstein cards and i'm learning all the pictures on them so when Mummy & Daddy ask me where the car is i can pick up the card!

Mon 27th June - Today we went to see the dietician. I am now 22lb 9oz and 81.1cms long. She was very pleased with me but would like me to take some more milk before my tube comes out. I didn't like being weighed, i cried and cried, but was soon happy again when i came out and played with all the toys.

Tues 28th June - My first trip to the dentist today! Not much happeneing. He had a quick look and said that Mummy just needs to make sure i brush them regularly and to keep an eye on my diet! Tonight for tea i had some soup, then some Macaroni cheese, then 2 yoghurts and some milk! I've also been saying some words. I only tend to say them when Mummy & Daddy do, sort of copying them. I have been saying Mummy, Car and Hidy as in Hidy Boo! 

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